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The Australian Alcohol Industry and the Effects of COVID - Article No. 4

Published: 7th of August 2022

Welcome our new arrival, the July special!​

Interested in the alcohol and beverage industry? Read about the recent well-being of the Australian Alcohol Industry and how COVID-19 has effected it.

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Tips for Upcoming Final Exams - Article No. 3

Published: 2nd of November 2021

  • Don't know where to start for final exams?

  • Read about how to prepare for exams, what to do the day of and during and what to do after!


Fortnightly Market Update No. 4

Published: 2nd of November 2021

  • Bond pain spreads to the Stock Market as shares fall

  • Big Movers: Macquarie Group MQG

  • Bond yields rise ASX Tumbles

  • GDP rose 0.7% during Q2

  • CPI rose 0.8% in September quarter and 3.0% annually

  • Unemployment rate increased 4.6% in September

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Investing Resources for Beginners - Article No. 2

Published: 19th of October 2021

  • Interested in investing, but don't know where to start?​

  • Our new article suggests some YouTube channels, podcasts and websites to get you started on your investing journey.


Fortnightly Market Update No. 3

Published: 19th of October 2021

  • New Zealand becomes first country to increase interest rates

  • ASX 200 saw a -0.74% decrease this week

  • AUD appreciated to over $0.74

  • Crude Oil continues to increase


Investing Platforms for Beginners - Article No. 1

Published: 2nd of October 2021

  • SelfWealth

  • IG Share Trading (IG)

  • Superhero

  • CommSec

  • CommSec Pocket

  • Stake


Fortnightly Market Update No. 2

Published: 2nd of October 2021

  • ASX 200 saw a 2.14% decrease this week

  • Bond prices continue to rise steadily over the most recent year as a result of a 0.10% cash rate set by the central bank


Fortnightly Market Update No. 1

Published: 15th of September 2021

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose 0.7% in this quarter (Q2)

  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.8% in the three months to June and 3.8% annually

  • Australia's unemployment rate has fallen to 4.6% in July, down from 4.9%